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Bush Hog®products and services deliver the superior performance on the first day on the job and for years to come.

Bush Hog Is The Original

Bush Hog is the most productive and reliable rotary cutter line. The long-lasting productivity of Bush Hog rotary cutters is the inspiration for every Bush Hog product. Long-lasting productivity - performance customers can count on - is the clear customer benefit of buying Bush Hog. Bush Hog products mow more than 30,000,000 acres a year. Many Bush Hog products in use today are more than 30 years old.

The Bush Hog Name

The name Bush Hog was created in seconds. It originated when the first Bush Hog rotary cutter was demonstrated cutting bushes. "It eats bushes like a hog," a bystander said, and the name that became synonymous with rotary cutters in North America was born.

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Bush Hog

Bush Hog

The Leader For More Than 50 Years

The Bush Hog name grew to a legend through many years of performance in rough agriculture and lawn maintenance conditions where reliability was vital. The Bush Hog brand was built over more than 50 years and millions of hours of mowing in rugged conditions

Every Bush Hog Product Is Built Bush Hog TOUGH

Bush Hog TOUGH Features are product features that are built to last. They range from the TOUGH Sealed and Pressurized CVT Protection System on the Trail Hunter Utility Vehicle to the TOUGH EZ Clean Sloped Double Deck on the 2715 Legend Flex Wing Cutter to the TOUGH 190 Horsepower Gearbox on the 320 Series Rotary Cutters.

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